Reiseberichte und DX 2

Hallo to all ! We have send the licence request to Fiji 2.9.2019-9.9.20190 , Samoa 9.9.2019-16.9.2019 , Tonga 16.9.2019-21.9.2019 and back to Fiji 23.9.2019-27.9.2019 . Hope to become the licence  fastly , all is in Progress . We´ll go to the Bahamas 21.1.2019-1.2.2019 to Nassau and some Islands around to go swim with the famos pig´s there . If we back from Greek Island in September , I´ll made the licence for the Bahamas , now it´s too stressy . Regards and good healthy ,

Alles gute und Gesundheit wünscht Bigi DE3BWR und Heli DD0VR .73/72/55  If I have the calls , I fast send it also .ciao , ciao .




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